Arch Enemy


For those of you who can't wait to hear more from our upcoming album DECEIVERS, you can now pre-order our new EP "Sunset Over The Empire"!
Pre-order Sunset Over The Empire now via, where the 7" is available in the following versions:
--white vinyl (limited to 1000 copies; available via CM Distro Europe)
--transparent orange vinyl (limited to 500 copies; band exclusive)
1. Sunset Over The Empire
2. The Judging Eyes
"Sunset Over The Empire" will be released as a digital single, with video, in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
Michael Amott comments: "I am thrilled that we are releasing our next single 'Sunset over the Empire' not only digitally everywhere as usual, but also as a physical 7" vinyl record. I'm a big fan of the vinyl format myself and I think this killer looking 7" will be a nice collector's item as it's a limited run. The B-side is an instrumental we've never released before on a record, and the A-side is one of my fave tracks off our new upcoming album 'Deceivers'!"